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  • Series 1000 damper
  • Series 1400 damper
  • Series 1500 damper
  • Series 1000 SM smoke damper
  • Series 8800 heavy-duty control damper
  • Series 9000 damper
  • Series 9000 BF damper
  • Series 7000 backdraft damper
  • Series 7000 WT backdraft damper
  • Series 7000 CW backdraft damper
  • Series 7600 heavy-duty backdraft damper
  • Series 7600 WT heavy-duty backdraft damper
  • Series 7600 CW heavy-duty backdraft damper
  • Series 7600 CWA heavy-duty backdraft damper
  • Series 1000 FB face and bypass damper
  • Series 1000 MZ multi zone damper
  • Series 1001 MZ multi zone damper
  • Series 3000 and 4000 louvers
  • Series 6000 insect screens


  • TAMCO, the leader in innovative damper design.
  • The first manufacturer to offer a thermally insulated line of products.
  • The only maintenance-free dampers available on the market.


  • TAMCO’s design and material matrix provide for durable and dependable components.
  • TAMCO’s sound workmanship ensures product integrity.
  • TAMCO dampers undergo exacting quality control checks at every stage of production.

Over 60 Years of Experience in Innovative Air Control Solutions

TAMCO is an innovative manufacturer of high-end, superior-quality dampers and air control products, serving commercial, industrial and institutional markets.

TAMCO entered the ventilation industry in 1955, and in 1980 began to engineer and produce an innovative line of aluminum dampers. Great attention has been devoted to design, in order to develop products which are durable, maintenance-free, energy efficient, and unparalleled in performance.TAMCO continues to lead the charge, bringing creative solutions to the air control market.

TAMCO dampers